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Our arts and crafts: Made in Africa with love

Crafters at work: Artists during the production of the arts and crafts in South AfricaFor us as the African Attitude team it is very important that almost all items offered in our shop are produced exclusively in (South) Africa. If this does not apply for a product, it will be explicitly stated in accordance with the product description.


With the sale of crafts from South Africa, we want to support local artists and artisans. Because may people in South Africa earn their living from the sales of handicrafts. What little treasures arise from this and with how much ingenuity the people in South Africa produce these arts and crafts, you can find out yourself while "strolling" through the African Attitude shop.

Be it traditional dolls, or Township art crafts made from recycled beverage cans: With the purchase of every article from the African Attitude Shop you support the people in (South) Africa. A few of these artists and artisans who usually produce these wonderful items and fascinating arts and crafts in their village, their home or their hut, you can see on the pictures on this page. On behalf of the many artists who work for us and our suppliers in Africa, we would like to thank you already now for your interest in our products and for shopping with African Attitude.


Fairtrade first!

South African artists produce amazing articles and great arts and craftsJust as important as the fact that the arts and crafts and items in our shop are authentically from Africa, is of course the principle of "fair trade". We check and assure ourselves that the articles and handicrafts are purchased solely at fair prices for the artists and craftsmen. Finally, they need this money to make a living.


And even if it is absolutely self-evident and beyond doubt for us, we do not want to forget to mention here that childrens work is, of course, totally taboo to African Attitude. All Arts and crafts and all other items in our shop are produced solely by the hands of adults. Only with the African Attitude Angel we support a project that is well known in South Africa. Here AIDS orphans form beautiful little angels out of old drinks cans to earn some money for better education, as government support in South Africa is far from corresponding to the level that we know of in Europe.


Two birds with one stone: Doing double good made easy

With the purchase of artwork for African Attitude to support not only local artists but also the project Sibongile in Khayelitsha near Cape TownSince we and our team love South Africa and its people very much, we have decided to support charitable projects in South Africa whilst selling these articles. Sibongile is the name of one of those projects where children with cerebral palsy and other disabled children in a township near Cape Town are taken care of. And you also support these children with your purchase from African Atttitude.

The second project African Attitude supports is The Music Therapy Community Clinic where children and young people in music groups and meetings will be helped to cope with traumatic experiences and will be pointed out alternatives to a life of gangs and drugs.

So you do in two ways a good thing: you support the local artisans and artists by buying the products they produce - and you make sure that the children in the townships around Cape Town may look into a brighter future.

Thank you for your interest in the African Attitude shop - and thanks for your support. The people of South Africa are pleased beyond words about it. On behalf of all artists, artisans, and the children of our projects, we say at this point:


Ngiyabonga kakhulu - Thank you very much for your support!



your African Attitude team



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