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Customers reviews about Africa Shop 24We receive most customer reviews through our Trusted Shops rating system, thus we would like to thank all customers from the bottom of our hearts.

We appreciate every review and see any criticism at the same time as an opportunity to improve our service and our products.


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From time to time our customers write to us even by email, what we really appreciate. Here are a few quotes from the writings, which have reached us in the course of time:


26. March 2017

Item received in good condition and as described.

I cannot give you a star rating as Amazon seem to have omitted this from their list of responses available to me.

Suffice it to say that, if I could, I would give your company - and the makers of the item - a 5 star "excellent" rating.

Again, many thanks

Graham H.



24. January 2014

Iamverypleasedwiththepurchase processandthespeedyreceiptof theorderedgoodsandcan absolutely recommend you.

Charlotte V. 



7. December 2013


The new cup already arrived here and I was pleased about the unusually courteous treatment. This kind of service can not be experienced very often!

I wish you a wonderful holiday season and thanks again,

greetings from the Waldeck - upland and until the next order
Nitcha P. - S. 



12. August 2013


Today the products have arrived, all in good condition - we´re happy...
Again thanks a lot for your help (with credit note)!
Greetings and have a good week,
your F. 




12. September 2012

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was highly satisfied with the purchase and your service! Thank you very much!

With kind regards
Renate S.



3. August 2012

Unbelievable you got this working out. That´s what I call customer service! THUMBS UP!
S. Merz



23. July 2012

Today, theshipmenthasarrived.Thank you very much!Everythingworkedfineotherwise, Iamsatisfiedandhappy tobebacktoyouroffers.
With kind regards
Ulrich B.



15. April 2012

Thankyou very much.The parcel arrived fastandsafely.
Franz H.


5. April 2012

Dear African Attitude Team

I have purchased the napkins "The soil of Africa" and I´m very satisfied with the product and the delivery. The product is "really African" and completely meets my expectations, the delivery was quick. All in all I can award you with 5 stars:  ***** ! 

Best regards
Dietmar S.


15. March 2012

Heidi F.


4. February 2012

5 Stars
Katharina A.


4. Oktober 2011

Good day, dear Africa-Shop team,

Youhavedeliveredmeflawlessandexcellentgoodsalreadyforthesecondtime. Like this shoppingontheInternetisreallyfun.

Sunny regards from Switzerland
Katharina A.


21. September 2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

theitemspurchasedwiththeorderfullymetmyexpectations.The delivery waspromptly,sothat I will reward you with 5starsfromme.

Thank you very much and best regards
Ingrid L.


13. August 2011

Havereceiveda parcel from you today.Thedeliverywasveryfast,theorderedgoods are verybeautifuland had been wellpacked.Thecustomer serviceisexcellent, andIappreciateyourcommitmenttothechildren's homeinCape Town.

With kind regards from Bavaria
Monika D.


21. July 2011

[...] Think yoursiteandproducts are reallysuper,especiallythatitreallydoes come from Africa.AmmyselfanAfrica-freakandlike tosupportthemost beautifulcontinent on Earth,ifIknowthat the money gets there. Go on like this, you´re reallycoolandyoucancountonmyandmycolleagues´ support!

Thank you very much and African greetings


6. July 2011


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

With kind regards
Ch. K.-A.


16. June 2011

Dear African Attitude team,

I'm also really totally satisfied, especially with the quality of your goods.
Going to visit your shop soon again.


Best regards from Wassenberg
Kerstin H.


11. May 2011

wow, Istillnevergotaresponsefromanonlinestore as fast as yours. Your shop made a good first impression on me, and your quickfeedback onlyconfirmsthis.Needs to be said :-)

warmgreetingsandyetanotherwonderfulwork week.
christina d.


24. January 2011


[...] Thankyouforyourmessage.Thebraceletalready arrived lastweek.Respectforthepromptdelivery.

Kind regards from Würzburg
Carl-H. P.


28. Oktober 2010

Dear African Attitude team,

I wanted to sincerely thank you for the fast delivery.
This noon DHL came and brought the parcel to me!

Manuela W.-K.



3. September 2009


Super fast delivery.
The wire bicycle is super, is to recommend.
Thank you


Elke M.